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Have you ever ever heard of the old saying, an oz of prevention is price a pound of cure?” This nugget of wisdom applies perfectly to the ever-altering challenges of IT as a element of business continuity. From electricity to ceiling repairs, or property taxes to HVAC units, prices and maintenance duties included in leases can range. This also signifies that your power costs will fluctuate from month to month. As a tenant working a small business, it is good to know if your landlord is using a variable-charge or a fixed-rate vitality plan If your landlord has a fixed-charge plan, you may have a greater understanding of and skill to finances to your month-to-month bills.
By decreasing the period of time spent on pointless duties, shrinking the probabilities of human error, and permitting more folks—particularly shoppers—to be concerned in projects, your organization might be better capable of operate more effectively, reduce costs, and improve communication with shoppers merely by way of automation.
If, to promote employee goodwill, you distribute food or merchandise of nominal value to your staff at holidays, you can deduct the price of these items as a nonwage enterprise expense. Your deduction for de minimis presents of food or drink aren't topic to the 50% deduction restrict that usually applies to meals. For extra data on this deduction limit, see Meals and lodging , later.
Your state imposes a tax on private property used in a trade or enterprise performed in the state. This tax is assessed and becomes a lien as of July 1 (accrual date). In 2016, the state changed the evaluation and lien dates from July 1, 2017, to December 31, 2016, for property tax year 2017. Use the original accrual date (July 1, 2017) to determine when you may deduct the tax. You need to additionally use the July 1 accrual date for all future years to find out when you'll be able to deduct the tax.
When calculating your startup expenses, an excellent rule of thumb is to have the ability to cover 6 months' of expenses up front. In other phrases, don't rely on your business's income to start out easing your costs until a minimum of after that early period is over. You'll need a cushion while you get your ft underneath you and work on attracting costs list

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